Energy Market Intelligence

What truly differentiates LGE’s offering from our competitors is exceptional market intelligence, through our Energy Trader Daily bulletin, allowing customers to make informed decisions.

LGE provides clients with a significant advantage through our ownership of Energy Trader Daily (ETD), a leading industry publication. Delivered each morning by LGE’s trading team, ETD offers comprehensive analysis across key energy market intelligence, including electricity, gas, oil and carbon. The daily briefing will keep you informed on:

    • Market Movement News– Helps customers stay ahead of the curve with summaries of the previous day’s most important energy headlines.
    • In-Depth Analysis– Helps customers gain insights into the major factors driving market fluctuations and their potential influence.
    • Price Transparency– Helps customers track electricity and gas price forecasts for up to eight seasons, enabling informed decision making.
















Data Powering ETD:

LGE uses many sources of primary data to power ETD, including subscriptions to the following news sources: Bloomberg, Reuters, Elkon, National Grid, LNG Maps, Gas Infrastructure Europe, VuePoint and many others. Access to these sources allows LGE to research all relevant news and crucially energy market price movements. The ETD then presents these findings daily.

What can ETD Communicate Information On?

ETD can communicate information on a variety of aspects relating to energy market intelligence and customer’s requirements. These include:

  • The Electricity and Gas System.
  • Interconnectors.
  • LNG Ship-Tracking.
  • Gas Storage Levels.
  • Raw Weather and Climate Model Data.
  • Financial and Currency Markets.
Legislative Research:

LGE also researches the impact of any new legislation on our customers. The impacts of these changes can be built into forecast reports to estimate the effect on a customer’s portfolio. Legislative changes LGE have briefed on include the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, Targeted Charging Review and BSUos Price Cap. Customers are also kept informed of geopolitical events which may impact energy prices.

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