Account Management

Once we’ve secured an energy procurement contract that works for your business, we don’t just cut and run. Your LG Energy Account Manager will be there to support and assist you however and whenever you need them to.

Plugging into Your Business

LG Energy’s robust Account Management team lives and breathes client relationships. Their main purpose is to ensure you’re happy with the service you’re receiving, and they do this by effectively working as an extension of your business, maintaining regular contact and providing frequent reports and updates so you know that they’re on top of keeping your energy contract prices low and within budget.

Your Account Manager is tasked with being your representative within LGE.  They are the customers voice, raising concerns internally before you do and generally challenging our back office colleagues to never sit on their laurels but strive for continuous improvement.

Account Management is supported by the LG Energy Operations Team located at Head Office. Our Ops Team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the energy industry, and they’ll ensure that everything’s running smoothly behind the scenes so that you get the incredible service that we promise and are always able to deliver.

This can be achieved because our knowledge of the markets is second to none — all thanks to the Market Intelligence arm of LG Energy.

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LG Energy’s Account Management Structure