Net Zero

LGE are proud to offer a range of net zero services for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

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In 2019, the UK government committed to achieving ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The UK became the first country in the world to sign this ambitious target into law following the signing of the historic Paris Agreement in 2016. In 2021, the UK further committed to achieving a 78% reduction in emissions by 2035 as part of their pathway to net zero. The reduction target is based on 1990s levels and crucially, also includes the UK’s share of international shipping and aviation emissions for the very first time.

There is a long road ahead to achieve these targets and the government needs to engage actively and constructively with all those who will need to play a part – across the public sector, with industry and with citizens – to inject the necessary momentum. Regulatory changes are anticipated and businesses need to act fast if they want to stay ahead of the curve – but that’s not the only reason to act. Other reasons to proactively reduce carbon include:

  • Avoid / Reduce costs
  • Staff engagement
  • Satisfy supply chain demand
  • Protect the environment
  • Meet corporate responsibility guidelines

LGE itself has made a net zero commitment through the SME Climate Hub, meaning we are in a strong position to advise others. LGE has a team dedicated to managing the reduction of carbon whilst, making sure organisations comply with any relevant energy legislation and can guide clients through a clear path to implement carbon saving measures. LGE has a range of products and services to help businesses decarbonise and get net zero ready.

Net zero services LGE has to offer include:

Carbon Net Zero Strategy

LGE can help you meet all your carbon and energy reduction targets and will create a tailored roadmap to take you there. LGE will work with you to create a bespoke plan, taking into account business needs, sustainability aspirations and where you are now. LGE will provide your business with the support, toolkit and oversight to get your business net zero ready in a sustainable, sensible and measurable way.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

LGE are well experienced in providing PPA management services for clients. Whether you are looking to develop an on-site generation project or import electricity from a third-party project, LGE can negotiate terms on your behalf to ensure that you get the best possible deal.

Green Procurement

Green procurement is now a common request from businesses and LGE has a number of solutions. From green gas to RE100 certified electricity, LGE can conduct a full tendering exercise to get the best terms for your business using your preferred buying strategy. LGE is able to procure 100% renewable energy.

Energy Audits

LGE’s experienced auditing team can carry out audits of energy use on client sites. LGE’s audit process helps to improve site energy efficiency, reduce energy wastage and assist in accurate reporting. By improving energy efficiency and reducing wastage, carbon emissions are also reduced. The audits do not have to be whole and can be tailored to your needs, focussing on a time, season, technology or any other specific requirements.

Staff Awareness Programmes

Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to LGE’s professional activities. LGE can carry out training with staff to ensure they are active participants in the process of getting your business net zero ready. With the right support, staff can be your biggest asset in identifying and sustaining energy saving measures.

Other solutions include:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Solutions
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Battery Storage
  • On-Site Generation Projects
  • Gold Standard Carbon Off-Setting
  • Combined Heat Power (CHP)
  • Regulatory Management

LGE’s net zero services are bespoke and our consultancy team can create a plan tailored to your exact business needs. Contact us on 0161 401 1001 or at to stay ahead of the curve and start your net zero journey today.

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