Bureau Services

LG Energy’s bureau services are designed to create a culture of more accurate invoicing for you now and in the future.

Eliminate Energy Billing Errors

Unlike our competitors we validate everything; Distribution, Transmission, Renewable charges, Losses, BSUOS, Wholesale prices … everything!  Our validation is like having an ongoing Cost Recovery Audit.

Through our experience and research, we’ve found that utilities invoicing has an inaccuracy margin of 3–5%. Using a custom system that processes 28 separate checks on invoices at the point of upload, our bureau analysts can effectively search the data for anomalies, mistakes and opportunities to reduce your costs.

Through our bureau team, we’ve managed to save previous clients thousands in costs, as well as provide an even more efficient service going forward as we create and maintain a database that covers all site information. This database ensures streamlined validation for your company’s energy usage and also assists in keeping your company in the know with any site updates.

In addition to analysing current utilities invoices, LG Energy can also carry out cost recovery audits on past invoices so you can earn back historic funds you are entitled to.

Find out more about Cost Recovery Audits.

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