LGE were appointed to manage the entire portfolio of one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of PVC windows, doors and fascia systems.

The scope of service included energy procurement, invoice management and consistent bespoke reporting.


The client took advantage of LGE’s flexible energy purchasing, ensuring effective risk management. Under LGE’s Dynamic Market Cap (DMC) strategy, the client enjoyed protection against volatile energy markets. The DMC allowed the client to benefit from a falling market, by bringing down average prices, whilst protecting them from any move upwards. LGE set a cost projection based on market caps, which was reduced by

On the final season of the front contract LGE’s trading achieved a price cheaper than the initial market price, in a rising market. This resulted in a saving of over £40,000.
The client also took advantage of LGE’s state of the art bespoke systems which validated their utility invoices to ensure accuracy. Their invoices were validated by experienced analysts who searched for anomalies and identified areas where they could reduce costs.
LGE holds regular meetings with the client to discuss their account and provide updates through bespoke reports. The frequency of the meetings is determined by the client.