We use our unparalleled market intelligence brand Energy Trader Daily to strengthen our hand when it comes to tendering.

No More Procurement Inefficiency

Utilising our combined trading heritage, a detailed approach to contract optimisation and negotiation, and up-to-the-minute market intelligence, LG Energy is able to offer you a tendering strategy that will secure you the best contract while complying with your company’s own commercial and legislative requirements.

Our tendering activities are designed to completely cut out inefficiencies commonly found in the procurement process, and therefore optimise revenue streams.

LG Energy’s comprehensive tender process:

Inefficient procurement often comes as a result of discrepancies between utility suppliers, with offers presented in different formats, with margins and other negotiable costs express in any number of ways. These differences lead to ambiguity that makes the process needlessly complex for you to make an informed decision.

Our approach to utilities tendering is to standardise all supplier offers to make them easy to compare on a like-for-like basis — it’s as simple as that! Our way of doing things enables greater negotiation with suppliers and more quantifiable savings ahead of trading.

Standardisation Matrix

Once the tendering process is complete, we don’t just leave you in the dark; LG Energy’s energy management team will be on hand to provide you with detailed and accurate reports as and when you need them.

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