Energy Data

As well as procurement, LG Energy is always on hand to assist your business with the management of energy.

Comprehensive Energy Data Management

We will always strive to ensure that you remain in the loop at all times by providing you with highly detailed reports that communicate a range of information to help with energy management.

We’re flexible with exactly how frequently you’d like these reports, from annually to daily and anywhere in between.

Energy Policy & Strategy

Whether you have distinct corporate objectives to meet, or you’re entrusting us with coming up with a strategy from scratch, LG Energy will ensure your energy policy is always working for you.

We will devise a distinct strategic direction for your energy management that’s in line with your company-wide goals, and as with all of our services, you’ll always receive unparalleled support throughout.

Data Management

LG Energy’s management team will identify the key data requirements and use this information to create a robust data collection process specifically for your organisation, including analysis of half hour meter data.

We also work closely with our bureau and validation teams to rectify past and present data errors.

Monitoring & Targeting

Energy monitoring, targeting and reporting are integral in managing and controlling your organisation’s energy use, whether that’s through energy reduction, analysing trends, diagnosing key areas of waste or developing performance targets for the future.

LG Energy will identify the key parameters for monitoring, targeting and reporting, before identifying performance indicators specific to your situation.

Opportunity Identification

We will look at specific measures that will enable you to effectively decrease energy usage and wastage, and therefore utility costs. This can range from simple procedure alteration such as setting all computers to energy saving mode to re-evaluation of company equipment like lighting and air conditioning.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Is there the possibility of implementing energy efficiency measures into your business, which are both good for the environment and will save you thousands in utility costs? LG Energy is here to assist with the implementation and integration of energy efficiency projects, and will fully assist with every aspect from staff training to monitoring the project’s progress.

We’ve made a name for ourselves as the energy experts in-the-know, and we intend to retain that reputation as unrivalled energy managers, as well as consultants.

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