Cost Recovery Audits

As well as streamlining your current utilities invoices, LG Energy has a fully equipped cost recovery team on your side to look at historical financial errors.

Comprehensive Service

Our retro-audit experts are well-honed at uncovering areas where you may have been overcharged or incorrectly quoted, whether that’s from third party operators or directly from your previous supplier.

Whatever the situation, we can delve deep into your utility bills from up to six years ago and investigate any possible anomalies or oversights. We have even recovered costs for clients whose previous utilities suppliers claimed bill validation had already been carried out. However as it turned out, not quite thoroughly enough.

Not only will we uncover those errors that could be costing your business hundreds or thousands of pounds, but we’ll personally recover and recoup those losses for you while ensuring those same mistakes don’t occur again in the future.

Unlike our competitors we do not charge you for low hanging fruit like Capacity reductions, neither do we look to share in ongoing savings.

Retro Audit Checks


Wholesale energy price    ?
Supplier margins    ?
Consumption Levels    ?
Distribution Charges    ?
Transmission Charges    ?
Distribution/Transmission Losses    ?
Metering Charges    ?
DC/DA Charges    ?
Balancing Charges    ?
Climate Changes Levy    ?
Feed in Tariffs    ?
VAT Exemptions    ?


Wholesale Energy Prices    ?
Supplier Margin    ?
Consumption Levels    ?
LDZ Charges    ?
NTS Charges    ?
Correction Factor    ?
Metering Charges    ?
Climate Change Levy    ?
VAT Exemptions    ?

If you’d like to hear how we can improve cost efficiency in your business, please make contact with us now. We can’t wait to hear from you!