Retro Audit

Approached by the client in early 2016 to review their contracts. Immediately spotted that the gas contract was due to expire in 2 days’ time, which the incumbent consultant had overlooked.

Had our strategy been implemented as advised savings of approximately £120,000 per annum each year of the three-year proposed agreement would have been secured. Approached again by the client in December 2016 as the incumbent had neglected to place the gas contract and the client had been incurring out of contract rates since 1st of October 2016.

Retro Audit Checks:


Wholesale energy price   
Supplier margins   
Consumption Levels   
Distribution Charges   
Transmission Charges   
Distribution/Transmission Losses   
Metering Charges   
DC/DA Charges   
Balancing Charges   
Climate Changes Levy   
Feed in Tari•s   


Wholesale Energy Prices   
Supplier Margin   
Consumption Levels   
LDZ Charges   
NTS Charges   
Correction Factor   
Metering Charges   
Climate Change Levy   
VAT Exemptions   


Total Historic Refunds: £99,539

Savings Going Forward (Annually): £210,910