Climate Change Agreement (CCA) Applications Re-Opened

The Clock is Ticking for Energy Intensive Businesses to Save Big Money on their Energy Bills

Important news for energy intensive businesses as the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) application process has been opened to new entrants until 31st March 2022. The scheme allows those eligible to save up to 92% on the CCL portion of their energy bills until 2025, totaling large savings for businesses. LGE is able to check if you are eligible, as well as dealing with the application and management of the scheme on your behalf. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

What is it?

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) are a voluntary scheme first introduced in 2001, allowing non-domestic energy intensive sectors to benefit from discounted Climate Change Levies (CCL) by improving energy efficiency and meeting agreed carbon reduction targets. The application process had previously closed, but businesses now been given a new window of opportunity to take advantage. LGE is expert in the legalities and technicalities surrounding CCA, and through its extensive experience in the energy industry, LGE can provide invaluable assistance to businesses which will ensure compliance within the new CCA guidelines.

Who can take part?

The CCA scheme is administered by the Environment Agency (EA). The new scheme will cover a total of 51 sectors and nearly 10,000 separate facilities will be eligible to take part. Eligible sectors include:









The specific sector codes can be found on the government website.

The process can be confusing, but LGE can tailor a support package to suit the needs of business so that you can take advantage before time runs out. The new CCA scheme has a number of changes that LGE will take into consideration to ensure you achieve the most from the scheme.

LGE can provide the following services:

  • CCA application
  • Assessment of current energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Benchmarking of current emissions to identify areas for improvement
  • Maintenance of the evidence pack
  • Advisory and recommendation role

Additionally, LGE offer the below services if your business would like support with further management of your CCA:

  • Site visit, forum meetings and review surveys
  • Development of improvement strategies
  • Database maintenance

If you decide to work with LGE on your CCA application, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager to walk you through every stage in the process. To find out more, contact us on 0161 401 1001 or at

Act fast – applications close 31st March 2022.