Climate Change Committee (CCC) Review of COP28 Outcomes

The CCC has published a review which examines the results of COP28 and identifies the UK’s actions to be taken. Find out more below:

2023 was the warmest year on record, placing even greater importance on the COP28 summit in Dubai. The CCC’s report sets out the key outcomes and assesses the UK’s role in helping create these and what its role should be in the next steps. The report highlighted that whilst progress has been made since the Paris Agreement, global actions remain far behind the necessary action to double the rate of energy efficiency by 2030 and Net-Zero by 2050. Also highlighted was the importance of preserving and restoring ecosystems, along with a Loss and Damage Fund to help achieve this in less wealthy nations. However, the report did state that the $700million offered for the fund was well below what was required. Overall, gaps in finance remain an issue too for the CCC, especially to help achieve COP28’s new framework for the Global Goal on Adaptation which sets out a framework for global adaptation targets to tackle climate change.

UK’s Role at COP28:

  • According to the CCC the UK played an important role in facilitating negotiations at COP28 and pledged financial support for mitigation and adaptation packages.
  • The UK’s commitment to 2030 emissions targets, progress in decarbonisation and low-carbon measures were all listed as evidence of the UK’s commitment to transitioning away from fossil fuels.
  • However, the report was keen to stress that the Prime Minister’s Net-Zero speech in September 2023 does deeply undermine the above as it was widely reported around the world and coupled with decisions to approve new coal mines and oil/gas licenses, it contributed to a perception that the UK is slowing its climate ambitions amongst COP28 delegates.
  • The document argued that strong and consistent domestic policy was needed on the climate and to avoid mixed messages to ensure that the UK could strongly advocate high climate ambition internationally.

UK’s Actions to be Taken:

  • Central to the UK’s future actions would be ensuring that the nation stays on track for 2030 and 2035 climate targets according to the CCC.
  • A plan to reduce methane across all sectors over the next decade should also be provided and strengthening the National Adaptation Programme to align with global frameworks.
  • Using the CCC’s forthcoming Seven Carbon Budget advice to be published in early 2025 to support the UK’s journey and achieve a resilient Net-Zero future.

Focus will now turn toward COP29 in Azerbaijan and nations developing their emission reduction pledges for 2035. With the world approaching 1.5 degrees warming and experiencing growing climate impacts, the CCC argues these pledges will be key to helping turn a corner. Their work as members of the International Climate Change Councils Network will aim to help ensure that the UK is providing support and learning from the challenges presented to the global climate.

The full report can be found at the following link: COP28 – Key outcomes and next steps for the UK (