EV Chargepoint Pilot Scheme

BT Group looks to utilise street cabinets for EV chargepoints

Yesterday BT group announced that it had started a pilot scheme to upgrade street cabinets, normally used for broadband and phone cabling, into EV chargepoints. The scheme is to be launched in Scotland in the coming weeks and the technical trial hopes to explore the possibility of upgrading up to 60,000 cabinets. A range of technical, commercial and operational aspects will be considered during the trial, including funding options, cabinet locations and accessibility. The overall aim is to address the lack of EV chargepoints on UK roads.

The scheme comes on the back of the news that the government had missed it EV chargepoints target, which was to have at least six rapid chargepoints at every motorway service area by the end of 2023. Analysis by the RAC shows that only 39% of the 119 motorway services have hit their target, with a handful still having no chargepoints at all. Nearly a billion pounds had been allocated to the rapid charging fund which has been tasked with providing 6,000 rapid chargers by 2035. Despite an additional grant of £70 million being provided by the government for upgrades at service stations, the RAC were still highly critical of their approach to EV chargepoints.

How LGE can help:

If you are looking to invest in EV chargepoints, we can help. LGE work with established partners to assist clients with electric vehicle charging point installations and find the best solutions tailored to fit your needs. LGE can:

  • Consult and design for the optimum number of charge points based on consumer demand.
  • Provide end-to-end project management and technical expertise.
  • Provide and manage a back-office system with an application that allows electric vehicle drivers to pay for their charging.
  • Ongoing servicing and maintenance of the charge points.
  • Dashboard reporting for utilization levels of EV charging.
  • Provide a contact centre for customer service and billing of infrastructure queries.
  • Futureproof your business to be ready for improvements in battery technology.
  • Install charging points which offer load-balancing between multiple vehicles to optimize available supply capacity, accurate consumption monitoring and allow for charging rates to be set & adjusted to a desired level of revenue.

Installation can allow for the following benefits:

  • Capability to charge up to 150W with ‘rapid charging’.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi to enable remote monitoring and fault resolution.
  • Driver interface through a dedicated app.

For more information on these services to speak to your account manager or contact us at info@lgegroup.com