Gold Certified Low Energy Company

LGE are pleased to announce that we are now officially a Gold certified Low Energy Company.

LGE has a commitment to continuous improvement and have recently become a Gold accredited Low Energy Company (LEC). To achieve this, over 80% of LGE staff had to pass an energy management course, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to reduce personal energy consumption, both at home and in the workplace. This means that our staff are able to identify energy saving measures in their everyday working practices, as well as to identify savings for clients. The course was designed and accredited by the Energy Managers Association and quality assured against industry specifications. It is anticipated that the UK government and many other major UK organisations will make LEC accreditation a requirement of their procurement processes, but LGE have chosen to become an early adopter. LGE are a forward-thinking energy consultancy and this is just part of our commitment to stay ahead of the curve.

At LGE, we have always recognised that our staff are our biggest asset and this is just a small part of LGE’s commitment to develop and invest in our people. If you would like to discuss how LGE can help manage your workplace energy use, contact us on 0161 401 1001 or at