LG Energy Communication: Covid-19 Pandemic

LG Energy Group (LGE) is absolutely committed to protecting its staff, society, customers, partners and customer interests at all times.

LGE takes the health and wellbeing of all its employees and customers very seriously and has proactively been working to put a plan in place to maintain everyone’s safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented times and like others we too are concerned for the safety of colleagues, neighbours, loved ones and just about everyone else who could be affected.

Prior to the Government announcement, LGE has ensured that equipment and system access was put in place to make home working available to every single member of staff, should travel into our offices no longer be available or posed a risk to the workforce. LGE have adapted our disaster recovery plan to a more long-term solution, this was deployed on Tuesday the 17th March and was successfully achieved. As of 18th March 2020, all of LGE’s employee’s will be based at home.

These preventative measures should not affect the high level of service that LGE prides itself on delivering to all its clients and there is complete confidence in our business continuity plan. In this world of interconnectivity, we have seen pressure placed on networks and applications, such as Teams and mobile networks, so LGE has employed multiple channels of communication and ensured multiple modes of back up are in place.

In line with current UK Government advice, LGE will be minimising all non-essential face to face contact.  Client visits have been suspended and replaced with video conference facilities to maintain the safety of customers as well as staff, we encourage customers to take advantage of the video conference call options. All LGE Account Managers are still available through the normal channels and all teams within the business will be contactable by email or phone as normal.

LGE are taking these steps and measures in order to continue to provide a full service to our customers. You can be assured that LGE have robust systems and contingency plans in place and will continue to keep you informed in the upcoming weeks.

LGE would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been involved in this process and to its staff for making this as seamless as possible. We are proud to have such a dedicated, resilient and committed team without whom this would not have been possible.  To everyone, stay safe, follow all government guidelines and advice in order to protect yourself and others in these difficult times.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.