LGE Group Ltd Embraces Remote Working

and Provides First Aid Training to all Staff and Their Families During COVID-19 Global Pandemic Nationwide Lockdown.

Placing employees’ needs and welfare at the forefront of all decision making, LGE have welcomed the shift to a full workforce of home workers, and continued to successfully achieve results.

Following the Government announcement on March 23rd 2020 that the UK would be required to stay home by all means necessary. LGE initiated the second phase of the LGE COVID-19 Action Plan and instantly transitioned all office and field-based employees to home working from 24th March 2020.

Keeping the workforce safe and stable has been the driving force for LGE throughout these unprecedented times and innovation has been key in order to achieve this.

First Aid for Families

Online First Aid training has been provided to every employee across LGE Group Ltd and in addition to educating the workforce, it has been extended to all family members of employees. LGE chose to provide this service to families of employees to support the government and the NHS in alleviating pressures faced through increased calls and appointments that could have been avoided if basic first aid was administered at home.

Flexible Working for all

LGE’s Entire workforce have been afforded flexible working opportunities. From varying days to changing their working hours, LGE have adapted each individual’s roles to suit their personal circumstance. School closure, and parental responsibility has not affected those with children, as LGE are committed to support every member of staff to find a way for work to fit around them, whilst still carrying out all of their roles safely at home.


Desk place exercise guides and tips are frequently being sent to all staff, to encourage a healthy lifestyle from home.

Remote working guidance and helpful hints to stay safe for employees issued to all.

Throughout this crisis some may struggle with the emotional and psychological impact of isolation, and LGE have issued Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) to those employees that have been identified through daily check-ins with line managers. These EAPs offer telephone counselling to the employee and also to their families.

Health and Safety

Home Working Risk Assessments have been conducted with all staff and reasonable adaptations and adjustments made where appropriate to allow them to continue working safely, from the comfort of their own homes.


Enhanced communication systems have been introduced to maintain the strong links to colleagues and teams, already in place pre COVID-19, using additional software to guarantee that contacting one another has never been easier.

Line Managers and Team Leaders are contacting employees daily to “check in” on productivity, but more importantly their general well-being. LGE have adopted an “ask twice” approach to encourage people to open up if they feel they are struggling with anything.


Additional online training programmes for line managers on Remote Working and Communication has been developed and scheduled for delivery remotely.

In addition to investing in First Aid e-learning for employees’ and their families, LGE are sourcing, developing and delivering a suite of e-learning opportunities.


Quote from LGE Director of Human Resources Kendal Brown:

“The well-being of our employees at LGE has always been our focus, but now more than ever we need to keep them safe. LGE have made a huge investment into the workforce, not just financially, but emotionally too. What we have seen over the past few weeks during the initial stages of national lockdown due to COVID-19, is a coming together and an authentic unity of our team, something that I am incredibly proud to be a part of. What this Global Pandemic has taught us so far, is that you can never offer too much support, and we have no intention of taking our foot off the peddle anytime soon”