Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

Proven experts in energy management, LGE has the knowledge, skills and transparency to ensure that all EAC needs are met in acquiring them.

Transparency is a core value of LGE and through our EACs service, we can ensure that the process of sourcing and acquiring certificates is as transparent as possible.

What are EACs?

EACs are traded carbon credits that are produced alongside renewable energy for those looking to offset their carbon emissions. It assures consumers that the energy they are using has been generated sustainably.

The schemes for EACs vary globally, with types including: REGO, GoOs, I-RECs and national systems. The major market areas are detailed below:

Challenges of Acquiring EACs:

  • Restricted Choice: Suppliers offer a limited selection of certificates, restricting choices of the most suitable renewable energy sources required.
  • Pricing Visibility: Lack of pricing visibility due to difficulties accessing market prices.
  • Inflated Costs: Caused by a lack of transparency and undeclared commissions.
  • Budgeting Constraints: Obscured pricing can lead to challenges for budgeting EACs costs.

LGE’s Solutions:

  • Tailored Solutions: LGE can understand a client’s specific needs and goals, offering tailored solutions which align with sustainability objectives and budget constraints.
  • Multiple Offerings: Through our expertise, LGE can negotiate with a range of independent brokers who offer a wide range of certificates from various renewable sources and geographic locations.
  • Transparent Pricing: LGE offers transparent pricing which is in-line with the market through a commission or management fee payment model.
  • Biomethane Certificates: LGE can assist in the purchasing of Biomethane Certificates in accredited countries (UK, France, Denmark, Austria, Germany & Switzerland) to show renewable gas consumption.
  • Compliance: Help clients ensure that they are meeting compliance requirements for scope 1 & 2 emissions reporting.

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