Global Markets

LG Energy’s reach extends far beyond the UK. With partner organisations across the Globe, we’ve got the capability to remain competitive and add value within the energy industry throughout the continent.

Global Energy Procurement, Management & Consulting

Why the partner model?

LG Energy is an expert in energy markets across the Globe.  However, LG Energy don’t believe someone based in Germany can understand or traverse the UK market like LG Energy can.  The reverse is true.  LG Energy’s network of trusted partners means that you get a locally based expert in each region with the single Account Management and reporting stream you require. The best of both worlds.

LG Energy regularly work in and communicate with energy markets across the World. The availability of products in each country depends on the levels of deregulation in their markets, however LG Energy is aware of the different market regulations and the changing dynamics of each market.

Global regulated and de-regulated markets

More mature markets support greater and more sophisticated risk management products, where LGE’s market intelligence can play a pivotal role in cost reduction and trading efficiencies. However, through good partnerships and vast experience LGE can add value in the regulated markets.

Having Global partners ensures LGE remain highly competitive having no burden with the fixed costs associated with having a European base, and LGE can negotiate with suppliers and partners using its high contract values as leverage to find the most competitive rates for customers. LGE covers all markets in Europe as well as the US and Australia.

For a team with a presence that isn’t constrained to one place, look no further than LGE. Contact Us now and reap the benefits of our international expertise.

As well as securing your business the best market rates when it comes to your energy costs, LGE also offer market leading Bureau Services to ensure those costs remain accurate.

Find out more about Bureau Services.