Global Markets

LG Energy’s reach extends far beyond the UK. With partner organisations across the Globe, we’ve got the capability to remain competitive and add value within the energy industry throughout the continent.

Global Energy Procurement, Management & Consulting

LG Energy Group (LGE) is an expert in energy markets across the Globe. Using a well-established and trusted global network of partners, LGE combines its trading know how with local knowledge on a nation by nation basis.
LGE’s partner model ensures end users benefit from local experts in each region, whilst the service remains consistent via a single Global Account Manager and online reporting portals.
The availability and types of energy supply products in each nation are variable based on the level of deregulation and market maturity.

Global regulated and de-regulated markets


More mature markets support greater flexibility and more sophisticated risk management, allowing LGE to extract best value for end users. Furthermore, LGE can add value in the regulated markets through enhanced utilities administration, tendering, tariff analysis and bill validation.
Not being burdened with the fixed costs associated with maintaining facilities across the Globe, LGE’s partnership model is designed to ensure that we remain highly competitive. Using volume as leverage, LGE negotiates with partners and suppliers alike, to ensure best value for clients. State of the art client portals provide easy access to validated data, enabling clients to easily request bespoke dashboards and so much more.



The provision of a single view, for commodity and non-commodity elements ensures considered decision making and effective risk management. LGE also uses its resources to establish new and innovative resolutions for our clients.
Part of LGE’s proactive function, is to access the evolving level of deregulation across the Globe, as and when new markets open. Doing so enables LGE to position its clients to take maximum value from new opportunities.
Accessing data sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and Argus Media, as well our broker data and others provides LGE with a truly global view of fundamental and technical market drivers.
For a team with a presence that isn’t constrained to one country, look no further than LGE. Contact us now and reap the benefits of our international expertise.