Market Intelligence

Once you’re secure in the knowledge that your account is being handled by a well-informed and professional team, you can rest easy knowing that our market intelligence is second to none, thanks to our sister company Energy Trader Daily.

In-depth Energy Analysis

ETD, LG Energy’s own market intelligence brand, is the leading UK energy publication which examines markets including carbon, coal, oil, electricity and LNG. This expert trading team will work closely with your business to provide up-to-the-minute information and intelligence on your energy contracts, as well as the industry at large.

Focusing on both fundamental and technical analysis, Energy Trader Daily offers a wealth of knowledge, streaming in real time directly to your desk. We can offer such reports as:

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Energy Reports

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive summary of the market as often as you’d need. Look at the key price changes of the day, or dig in to a more thorough report of the previous week or month’s developments to better understand the rates you’re likely to pay in the near future.

European Review

Analysis of comparable markets in Europe gathered by our numerous partners across the continent. View the data as a whole or request specific reports for the major players, complete with market price analysis.

Long-Term Price Forecast

For those who want to get seriously in-depth, we can provide more long-term forecasts for predicted pricing years into the future based on previous market behaviour analysis.

If you want an expert trading team on your side, make contact with LG Energy for more information.

Good market intelligence means that our hand is stronger when it comes to contract optimisation and negotiation.

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