Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Find out all you need to know about SECR and the services LGE offer below…

LGE provides a comprehensive service package for complying with the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations.

Companies that qualify for SECR are:

  • Quoted companies listed on major stock exchanges.
  • Large unquoted companies and LLPs exceeding two of the following criteria:
    • Turnover exceeding £36 million.
    • Balance sheet exceeding £18 million.
    • Employee count exceeding 250.

What does LGE offer?

  • Carbon emissions calculation: Calculating your annual carbon emissions, based on data you provide, as per DEFRA guidelines. We analyse data to calculate annual carbon footprint and generate a SECR-compliant report.
  • Report formats: Choose from a standalone report for your annual filing or a supporting document for your sustainability report.
  • Data requirements: We provide a full data specification once you accept our proposal.
  • Report content: We cover all mandatory elements for both quoted and unquoted companies/LLPs, including:
    • Greenhouse gas emissions from activities and purchased energy.
    • UK and global energy use.
    • Intensity ratios.
    • Energy efficiency actions taken.
    • Methodology used.
    • Previous year’s data for comparison.

LGE is your trusted partner for SECR compliance. We have decades of experience in energy procurement, consultancy, and sustainability, making us your one-stop shop for navigating the changing energy landscape.

Contact us today to at or speak to your account manager to discuss your specific needs and learn how LGE can help you achieve successful SECR compliance.